Windows Azure Pack vNext

Windows Azure Pack was released in October 2013. It enables you to provide cloud services from your own datacenter. Although Microsoft is working towards more consistency between Microsoft Azure and Windows Azure Pack there are still many differences between the two. I can remember someone at TechEd North America explaining to me that Microsoft Azure and Windows Azure Pack are like two circles, that currently have some overlap. Microsoft is working hard to get more overlap in these two circles and eventually ending up with one circle. You probably have seen that end state many times. It is the Cloud OS vision. With in the middle ONE Consistent platform.

But we are not there yet. There is still a lot of work to be done.

So when will Windows Azure Pack vNext be released?

Microsoft recently announced that Windows Server and System Center will get their final release in 2016. Based on that information I get a lot of questions on the future release of Windows Azure Pack.

Let me ask you this. Are you always waiting for that new phone to be available? And by the time that phone is available, another new phone with new features is announced. You decide to wait some more . In the end, you never make a decision.

The only thing constant in IT is change. We get access to new features that enables new scenarios. New scenarios creates new challenges. Which results in other features being developed to solve those challenges and opening new scenarios again. There is always some new feature or version on the horizon. You can wait for ever and do nothing or evolve with the features and scenarios as they become available.

Do not wait. It is even super important to get started today, if you haven’t already. Windows Azure Pack provides IAAS, Websites, Database as a Service, Service Bus and Automation and there is a rich eco system with 3rd party solutions that enhance the stack even more. You can benefit from cloud services in your own datacenter TODAY!

We use Windows Azure Pack already. How long do we have to wait for new features?

Now, this is interesting. Microsoft releases an update rollup to all the System Center products and Windows Azure Pack every quarter. Initially these were mainly fixes to issues in the platform. But looking at the number of features that are added in the more recent update rollups that is changing drastically.

Just to highlight two features from the latest update rollup.

These aren’t minor changes either. It greatly improves what already is a rich platform today. But it also ensures that you get access to new features in the current version every three months FOR FREE!! How cool is that. And YOU get to decide what features will be part of the upcoming update rollups by submitting suggestions or voting for existing suggestions on the user voice.